NONG KHAI      Week 2
When it rains it usually piddles down.  Here it came into my closest eating area.  The broom came out to move some excess water in the under cover area and Dad was outside creating ditches to stop it comming in over the little concrete hump. You can see it bouncing off the road.
Buacell, the driver of my host's car, took me into town, but took me to see his 10 acres of rice fields first.  It was a special day in the Buddhist calender so he figured I needed to go to the temple! Quite different artwork than what I've seen before. Love the ceilings in these places.  All windows and doors are heavily carved.  Monks eat very well.
I really like Thai long haul buses.  The insides are usually pretty bright and fancy too.  Widows all have fancy curtains.
The Vietnamese restaurant on the riverside in Nong Khai.  The salad that isn't lettuce was quite spicy but nice. Sweet and sour pork and the minced prawn on sugar cane sticks. Chang beer - big bottles only.
No idea what it is but eaten raw - holey bit it the end and out of focus pic is side view. Particularly yummy when it soaks up the sauce from the papaya salad. Not unlike celery but much fatter and softer.
Lunch at school - the green tops everyone was wearing is not the usual uniform top.  The sticky sweet vibrous after lunch stuff is below right. Too laden with sugar to enjoy, but I gave it a good go to be polite.
Saturday's longest ever ride to the Tesco Lotus store (7/11 size) followed by a visit to the market that I forgot to photograph. Did see what I think are a preschool and high school on return journey. Too busy just getting there to notice my surrounding.  Most of the road has roadworks happening on it as it is being widened.  Most traffic was going real slow on the dirt bits but the odd one splattered me with a bit of mud!  Lunch not as bland as it looks - white bits boiled egg.
These next 5 taken along my riverside road on the way home from market. A guy was washing one of about 7 bird cages - all with same type of bird and cage - reckon he must be breeding them to sell.  Another shot of rowers over the river in Laos - big zoom in.  Also watched this lady mending her net down at river edge for a while.  Pity about the plastic bottle - though I haven't seem much rubbish in the river.
My main eating place - great kitchen in comparison to most.
These paper flower things with wee candles down the sides are being made by people all over Thailand to be sent to Bangkok for some big occassion coming up in October or November. Even the teachers at the school were making them during class time as the kids were watching something or doing written work in their books.