NONG KHAI    Week 3
School classrooms very basic but there is a room with computers and some of the classrooms have a TV I can plug laptop into for youtube songs.
No problem keeping the bikes dry - teachers have a carport for their cars.  Nice trees around. Most classrooms elevated and a few for little ones at ground level.
This is the most basic of the classrooms I have been in - books on floor as no shelves and teachers desk not even any draws.
Lovely kids though.  They seem to have a day that they dress like this for something like scouts.
I noted the little ones in their blue outfits where doing these knot kind of things out on the driveway.
The rooms have ceiling fans and a couple of stand alone one - an added feature is the ventilation from below the floorboards.
There has obviously been a bit of heavier rain than usual upstream - river higher than the usual high for this time of year and full of vegetation debris, logs and sticks etc.
Added this photo to give an idea of how wide it is. Where the hill of silt is in the centre is where the river turns so the houses on the left are in Thailand - not Laos.
I am venturing the extra kilometers up the road to Lotus and the market more frequently now.  It was later than I usually go so a lot more customers and stalls.
Think this is the fire station - first I've ever seen.
Being after work time the road with the new roadworks was busier with scooters and the helmets became apparent - obviously those that commute to and from Nong Khai daily are more safety conscious.

I note that the stall on the left is not going to let a widened road interfere with his food cart!
Silty river foam and debris collecting along the banks.
These two gardeners were very friendly - lettuces picked and put in bundles in their baskets - each lettuce had only a few leaves and they wilt so quickly after harvest.  Kids watch on - somwhat bored I would say.
Don't know what she was selling - but she was a trier!
To see a cat here with a tail as we know them is not common - often short or curled stump - and never neutered.
A lot of my people photos are taken from a distance hence a lack of clarity.
This big boy came scuttling out when I filled the sink to wash the dishes.

A yummy Tom Yum - bones and all of course - big bowls - takes an age to get through - not complaining!
Not exactly big lettuces!
Got to see a lot of this lady - always greeted each other and somtimes stopped for a sign language sentence or two.
A rather large spider emerged from under the dishes as I filled the sink with water. I rescued it very carefully and put it out the window.  I returned the next day and didn't get a second chance as it was too near my bed and was exceptionally fast at running!
This Tom Yum was a huge portion that took me ages to devour - and that wasn't because there are lots of bones in the chicken to navigate around.